It’s That Time

True Crime Fanatic is searching for a new website. After losing everything, including our computers and websites due to toxic mold, and then with the family loss… we must start completely over. It’s been a tough road, but giving up has never been a consideration.

We will always care and always try hard to be there. Even while “offline” we managed to work on a few missing people cases and I’m proud to say all three ended well.

If you have ideas, please send us a message. The possibilities at the moment that seem feasible-financially and by myself-are hand coding a website via Pages, using Blogger, using WordPress, using whatever GoDaddy offered with the domain name. Money is NOT a consideration, as there is no money.

Having said that, we are a real company and we plan on writing and earning money here and there and using it to assist victims of violent crimes and their families.


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Mother, writer, health and fitness, victims' advocate. True Crime Fanatic: True Crime, World News, Justice since 1997

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